What is a network cost?

A network cost is a fee paid to the validators of the network you are using for your cryptocurrency transaction. This cost is also known as a gas fee.

The token that is required to pay for network costs is based on the network.

Below is a list of the networks supported by Uniswap and the token used for network costs:

If you need a token for network costs, there are a few ways you can get the token:

  1. You can purchase more ETH/network's native token through our partner, MoonPay
  2. You can transfer more ETH/network native token into your wallet from another exchange, wallet, etc.
  3. You can bridge tokens to the network you are swapping on to pay for the network costs

Every transaction on the blockchain has a network cost. These are non-refundable, even if your transaction fails.

Validators still have to use their resources to determine that your transaction failed. They use their own computers to verify and process transactions instead of relying on a central authority.

Uniswap does not control or receive any of the network costs.

Learn more about how network costs are determined here: How is a network cost determined?


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