How to send funds from an exchange to Uniswap Wallet

You can send tokens from a centralized exchange to your Uniswap Wallet. There are two ways you can do this:

The “send” feature in your centralized exchange account/wallet

If you have a Coinbase wallet, here are the instructions for sending tokens to another wallet.

Please note if you are using Binance, the Uniswap Wallet does not currently support tokens on the BNB chain. You will not be able to view or interact with tokens on the BNB Chain when using the Uniswap Wallet app.

The “Scan” feature in your Uniswap Wallet

  1. Select “Scan”
  2. Select “Show my QR code”
  3. Scan your QR code or copy your wallet address
  4. Paste your Uniswap wallet address when you are prompted from the account/wallet you are sending from. 

    We recommend checking the last four digits of your wallet address to ensure you are sending to the correct address. Transactions on the blockchain are permanent and cannot be reversed.








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