What is a view-only wallet?

A view-only wallet allows you to view a wallet in the Uniswap app without the ability to swap or send tokens.


You can follow the view-only wallet’s transactions to see the tokens and NFTs held. If you would like to use the tokens and NFTs in the view-only wallet, then you need to import this wallet into the Uniswap Wallet via a recovery phrase.

Learn how to add a view-only wallet here: How to add a view-only wallet.

Adding a view-only wallet to the Uniswap Wallet allows you to:

  1. Use the Uniswap Wallet to view a wallets activity, tokens, and NFTs.

    The Uniswap wallet app can only hold one recovery phrase at a time. You may consider adding other wallets to track your balances and activity in the Uniswap app.
  1. Test out the Uniswap Wallet without importing a recovery phrase.

    This includes exploring tokens/NFTs, simulating a swap, and more. By using a view-only wallet to test the Uniswap Wallet, you can see what using the Uniswap Wallet would be like without importing a recovery phrase.


Do not send tokens to view-only wallets unless you have the recovery phrase for it.

If you send funds to a view-only wallet and you do not have the recovery phrase for that wallet, Uniswap Labs will not be able to reverse or recover the funds from the transaction.


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