How to remove liquidity from Uniswap v2

When removing liquidity from Uniswap v2, you will remove your liquidity position and collect earned fees in the same transaction.


To remove liquidity from Uniswap v2:

  1. Open the Uniswap web app and connect to the network you want to add liquidity on. Next, select the “Pools” to open the Pools page.

  2. Select “More”.

  3. Select “V2 liquidity”.

  4. Find the position you want to remove and select “Manage”.

  5. Select “Remove”.

  6. Review the details of your liquidity position. Then enter the percentage amount that you would like to remove.

    Note: if your liquidity position includes ETH, you will see the option to “Remove as WETH”.

    Selecting this means you receive WETH in place of ETH when removing liquidity.

  7. Select “Approve” then sign the transaction in your wallet. This does not have a network cost.

  8. Select "Remove".

  9. Select “Confirm”.

  10. In your wallet, confirm the transaction.

    Untitled (4) copy 8.png

  11. To view the pending transaction select “View on Etherscan”. Otherwise, select “Close”.

    Untitled (4) copy 9.png

  12. A notification will appear once the transaction is complete.


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