I can't remove my liquidity position

If you can’t remove liquidity, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot the error.

The Uniswap protocol is designed to support ERC-20 tokens. Tokens that do not follow the ERC-20 standard may cause issues when removing liquidity from a liquidity pool.


These non-standard tokens or token features include:

  • Fee On Transfer (FOT, taxed) token.

  • Tokens that do an in-transfer swap and/or add liquidity

  • Rebase or Reflection token

  • Tokens that have a maximum transaction and/or a maximum wallet limit

  • The token is paused.

    Note: If the token is paused, any v2 liquidity in a liquidity pool is lost. v3 liquidity can recover the other token in the pair that is not paused.


Here are some troubleshooting steps to take when removing liquidity does not work:

  1. Use WETH for the output instead of ETH.

  2. Gradually increase slippage until the slippage percentage is double the token fee.

  3. Check for maximum transaction amounts.


To check for Maximum transaction amounts:


  1. Go to the token address on Etherscan.

  2. Select the contract tab icon.

  3. Select the read contract tab icon.

  4. Look for a Maximum transaction amount (MaxTXamount or similar) or look for a Maximum wallet amount (MaxWalletAmount or similar).
    If the token has a Maximum transaction amount or Maximum wallet amount, you may have trouble removing liquidity.

To solve for maximum transaction amount errors:

    1. Using a new wallet address.

    2. Send all tokens in your wallet to a new wallet address.

    3. Return to the Remove liquidity page on the Uniswap web app.

    4. Select the word “Detailed” on the Remove liquidity page.

    5. Enter the Maximum transaction amount.

      What you see on the read contract is normally in decimal format, so you will have to divide this number by (10**Decimals).

      Note: This must be lower than the maximum wallet amount.

    6. The wallet app should open and display a notification to approve your transaction.

      This will allow you to remove the selected percentage of tokens as long as you are below or equal to the Maximum transaction amount, and your wallet holds 0 tokens.

    7. You will have to repeat this process until all the liquidity is removed.

      When completing this process, tt is best to verify that the network costs are less than the value of the tokens you are removing.


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