Subgraph downtime

The Uniswap web app and the Uniswap info site rely on subgraphs from The Graph Protocol to source data for token and liquidity providing charts for each network.


A subgraph may experience downtime. This results in some networks missing token and liquidity providing charts.


Uniswap Labs expects subgraph downtime to be resolved shortly. You can swap and provide liquidity for all tokens during subgraph downtime.


Example of a token chart experiencing subgraph downtime:



To check a tokens price information during subgraph downtime you can simulate a swap on Uniswap Web app or the Uniswap Wallet.


Alternatively, you can check token prices on other crypto price trackers:


Note: Information on these sites may not be accurate. Uniswap Labs is not affiliated with DexScreener or DexTools.


Example of a liquidity pool chart experiencing subgraph downtime:



When providing liquidity for a token the price range for the position will not automatically filled in and must be entered in manually.


To learn more see our article: How to provide liquidity during subgraph downtime.


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