How to remove your recovery phrase from the Uniswap Wallet

The Uniswap Wallet can store only one recovery phrase at a time.

To remove your recovery phrase from the Uniswap Wallet:

  1. Select the “settings” icon.

  2. Select the wallet you would like to remove.

  3. Select “Remove wallet”.

    Untitled (23).png

  4. Select “Continue”.

    Make sure you have written down the recovery phrase for this wallet, or have backed up the recovery phrase to iCloud/Google Drive.

    You will also need your iCloud/Google Drive backup password if you have backed up through iCloud/Google Drive. If you do not remember the password or your recovery phrase, Uniswap Labs cannot retrieve it.

  5. Check the box next to the acknowledgement.

  6. Select “Remove Wallet” to remove the recovery phrase from the Uniswap Wallet.

    Untitled (24).png

  7. Complete the Touch/Face ID or Biometrics to remove the wallet.

  8. Once you have removed the recovery phrase, you can follow these steps to import or create a new wallet:

    Untitled (25).png


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