I entered my recovery phrase, but my account is missing

When you import your wallet(s) using a recovery phrase to the Uniswap Wallet it will display all of the wallet address which a token balance associated with your recovery phrase.


Your recovery phrase is the key to accessing all wallet addresses created under it, even if you've previously deleted a wallet address from the app or one is missing when you import your wallet.


If you believe one of your wallet is missing, verify that you've entered the correct recovery phrase. A single error in the phrase can lead to a different set of wallets or none at all.


If you are sure you have entered the correct recovery phrase, please follow the instructions in this help center article: How to create a new wallet in the Uniswap Wallet.


This process helps in scanning for all wallet addresses associated with your recovery phrase.


The app restores wallets in the chronological order of their creation. If you've created multiple wallets under the same recovery phrase, the missing wallet might appear after the recovery of others.


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