I forgot my recovery phrase. What can I do?

Your recovery phrase is the master password that grants access to your crypto wallet.

Self-custodial wallets give you complete control over your digital assets. The assets in your self-custodial wallet are yours. No one can do anything with them without the permission of your private key.


If you think you’ve lost your recovery phrase, you may want to try these recovery steps:

1. Restore from iCloud on iPhone or Google Drive on Android: If you have previously backed up your recovery phrase to iCloud/Google Drive in the Uniswap Wallet, you can restore your wallet from iCloud/Google Drive.

Please note, you will also need your iCloud/Google Drive backup password.

Learn more here: How do I restore my wallet using my iCloud or Google Drive backup?

2. Restore from Manual Backup: If you have manually (written the recovery phrase down) backed up your recovery phrase, you can restore your wallet.

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3. Somewhere Else:You may have wrote down your recovery phrase on paper, stored it in a password manager, or put it on a note in your sock drawer. If you locate your recovery phrase, you can import your wallet.

Check all the possible locations where you may have stored your recovery phrase. Here are a few questions that may help you remember:

  • Did you store your recovery phrase in a hard drive or on a metal card?

  • Did you store your recovery phrase in a notebook, or somewhere containing other sensitive documents?

  • Did you store your recovery phrase in a drawer, or in a hidden place in your home?

  • Did you enter your recovery phrase into a digital password manager?

  • Did you check all the secure locations where you may have stored your phrase?


Without your recovery phrase, it is not possible to recover your wallet.


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