How to use the Uniswap tokens page

The tokens page enables you to explore and evaluate ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum and supported Layer 2 networks.


To view a token:

  1. Search for and select any of the tokens listed on the tokens page.

  2. Here you can view a tokens page.

To filter the tokens page by name or contract address:

  1. Select the search bar and enter a tokens name or contract address.


To filter the tokens page by time period:

  1. Select the dropdown menu showing the “1D” option.

  2. Then, select the time period you would like to filter by.
    1. 1H is 1 Hour
    2. 1D is 1 Day
    3. 1W is 1 Week
    4. 1M is 1 Month
    5. 1Y is 1 Year

The percent (%) change, volume, total volume locked (TVL) and price chart will update to reflect the selected time period.


To filter the tokens page by network:

To filter the token page by network, select the dropdown menu showing the “Ethereum” option.

  1. Then, select the network you would like to filter tokens by.
    1. The available networks are:
      1. Ethereum
      2. Arbitrum
      3. Optimism
      4. Polygon
      5. Base
      6. BNB Chain
      7. Celo

To sort the tokens page:

You can sort Total Value Locked (TVL), Volume, Price and Price Change (% Change).

  1. Price: filters tokens by current USD Value
  2. Change: sorts tokens by recent price changes
  3. TVL: sorts tokens by total value locked
  4. Volume: sorts tokens by the amount swapped

To sort tokens, select the column name. Then, you can re-select the column name to sort by lowest or highest amount.

The table defaults to being sorted by Volume.


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