What is Price Slippage?

Price Slippage is the change in token price caused by the total movement of the market.

Price Slippage is shown as the difference between the price you expect to receive after swapping vs what you actually receive after the swap is complete.


The minimum amount you receive from a trade is determined by:

  1. Price of token
  2. Slippage setting

When you swap using the Uniswap web app, you will receive the token price that is offered based on the auto slippage setting.

The auto slippage percentage (%) will be set to be between 0.1% and 5%, depending on the network fee and swap size, designed to give you the best swap outcome.


If your slippage is set too low, your transaction may revert (fail). This can cost you network fees without even completing a swap.

If your slippage is set too high, then you may get less tokens than expected when swapping.


For example, if your slippage is set to 25%, then you may receive 25% less than the expected swap outcome (tokens) that is shown to you in the swap preview.


You can view the auto slippage setting in two places:

  1. Settings menu. Select the gear icon to open the settings menu.


  2. Expanded swap details. Select the arrow to view expanded swap details. The slippage is listed as “Minimum received after slippage”.




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