Token Lists

How do I get my token listed on Uniswap?

Once there is liquidity for a specific token on the Uniswap Protocol, that token will be searchable from the Uniswap interface.


Uniswap Labs created the Uniswap Labs Default List which includes any token that has been listed by a US-based centralized exchange, such as Coinbase, Kraken, or Gemini. In very rare cases, a token may be separately reviewed and approved by Uniswap Labs (e.g., Unisocks, Euro Coin).

Tokens not included on this list may be included on other lists and will be shown with various informational labels to help users safely discover tokens and make informed decisions about them.


You can learn more about Uniswap Labs' token lists and token warnings here.


How do I make sure my token’s info is showing correctly on Uniswap?

In order to make sure your token's name, logo, and description are visible on Uniswap, you can follow the steps below:

  1. For the info sites v3 and v2 Uniswap pulls from the Trustwallet asset repository on Github: Add your token icon to that repo and it will appear on the Uniswap interface. how to submit a token logo.

  2. The Uniswap interface sources token logos from CoinGecko. If you do not have a logo with your token listing on CoinGecko, it may not show on the Uniswap interface.

    Submit your logo or updates to your logo to the CoinGecko Support team here: CoinGecko Support Form.

  3. Open a pull request in the Uniswap GitHub. The change will be reflected on Uniswap interface once the Uniswap pipeline picks up the token logo update.

If you've successfully completed all the steps above, you can

  1. Make sure the image URL in the token list is valid.

  2. Confirm that the CORS policy is not blocking the URL request by making sure the server that serves the image has Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * -


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