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Frequently Asked Questions about the Uniswap App Terms of Service

Periodically, we update our Terms of Service as we work to improve the Uniswap App user experience. We want our users to understand exactly what’s contained in updates and why we’ve made those updates.


Q. What are the major changes in the October 25, 2021 Updated Terms of Service?

A. Uniswap Labs is committed to developing products in a way that provides a safe, transparent, and robust financial infrastructure that can empower users around the world. In line with that commitment, we are beginning to implement a new risk-management system that assesses the risk associated with each Ethereum address that interacts with app.uniswap.org.


Q. What kind of risk are you hoping to assess?

A. With the help of TRM Labs, a blockchain intelligence service provider, we're assessing the risk presented by wallet addresses that interact with the Uniswap Labs app in order to apply an industry-wide standard of categories of risk (e.g., addresses associated with ransomware or stolen funds). The initial assessment will help us understand how the Uniswap Labs app is being used and respond as needed, while maximizing user privacy.


Q. What data is collected in this process?

A. The only new data that will be collected and analyzed are the wallet address of users connecting to the Uniswap Labs app and the transaction signature and hash of any submitted transactions. No other user data will be collected as part of this initial monitoring process. Users will not be identified in this risk-assessment process.


Q. Will this risk-assessment impact access to the Uniswap Protocol through other interfaces?

A. No. Only the Ethereum addresses interacting with the Uniswap Labs app deployment will be cross-checked against standards for risk assessment. This includes app.uniswap.org and the IPFS build published by Uniswap Labs. We will not be monitoring the addresses of those interacting with the underlying Uniswap Protocol via other interfaces. Given the Protocol’s decentralized and open-source nature, we do not control users’ access to it via any portal other than our own app.


Q: What other APIs/data services does the Uniswap Labs Interface use?

A: The Uniswap Labs app also uses the Infura API, The Graph API, and Google Analytics. The Infura API allows us to fetch user balances and market prices from the Ethereum network. The Graph API is used to obtain market data such as liquidity distribution of a pool. Google Analytics is used to learn more about user behavior and improve the user experience. We do not use cookies for Google Analytics.



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