How to withdraw tokens from Optimism

You can withdraw assets back to Ethereum Layer 1 through the Optimism Gateway.


The withdrawal process takes 7 days in order to allow sufficient time for verifiers to detect fraud on the Optimism (OΞ) network.


To withdraw funds:

  1. Open the Optimism Gateway.

  2. Click Connect and select your wallet.

  3. Select the Withdraw tab. The gateway will prompt you to switch to the OΞ network if you are not already connected to it.

  4. Select the token you would like to withdraw. Note that OΞ only supports a limited set of tokens at launch and will add more over time.

  5. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to withdraw from L2 to L1.

  6. Click the Withdraw button.

  7. Read the disclaimer.

    Note: Withdrawals take 7 days to process before becoming available because OΞ must give verifiers sufficient time to review transactions and submit a fraud proof in the event of malicious activity. 

  8. Click Withdraw and then confirm the transaction in your wallet to submit your withdrawal request.

    This transaction will process immediately and begin the 7-day waiting period. Since this is an L2 transaction, the gas fee will be relatively low. However, after the 7-day waiting period you will need to submit a ~500k gas transaction on L1 to claim your funds (step 12).


  9. Your transaction will be confirmed nearly instantly. Make note of the date and time at which your transaction will become available to claim on L1. When the time comes, return to this guide to complete Steps 10-12 to claim your assets.


  10. After 7 days have passed, your assets are available to claim. Return to the gateway and click on your wallet account box in the top right corner to view your recent and pending withdrawals. Your transaction should now have a yellow dot labeled Pending Relay. Click on it.


  11. Click Claim Withdrawal to open an Etherscan page where you can submit a relay transaction. This step submits a Layer 1 transaction to transfer your withdrawn funds from the Layer 1 bridge contract back to your Layer 1 wallet.


  12. On the Etherscan page, simply click Execute to claim your funds. Since this is an L1 transaction, make sure your wallet is connected to Ethereum Mainnet. The transaction will consume approximately 500k gas and transfer your withdrawn assets back to your wallet.


Once that transaction is processed by L1 Ethereum, your assets will arrive in your wallet. You’re all done!



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