How to connect to Optimism

Connect your wallet to Layer 2 for cheap & near-instant transactions

Once you’ve deposited assets from Ethereum to Optimism (OΞ), the next step is to connect your wallet and start interacting with L2 dapps!


To add the OΞ network to your wallet

  1. Visit to

  2. Click on Connect Wallet to connect your wallet to Ethereum

  3. Open MetaMask and click on the network name at the top of the window


  4. Click the Custom RPC button at the bottom of the network list.


  5. Enter the following network details or click here to auto-populate them in Metamask.

    1. Network Name: Optimistic Ethereum

    2. New RPC URL:

    3. Chain Id: 10

    4. Currency Symbol: ETH

    5. Block Explorer URL:

  6. Hit save and you’ll be automatically connected to the network.


You’re ready to go! You should now see an banner and network badge on



To switch back to L1, click on the network selector and select Ethereum. Alternatively, open your wallet and select a different network using the menu from steps 3 and 4.


Now that you're connected to Optimism, learn how to swap and provide liquidity on the Uniswap app with low fees and near-instant confirmation!



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