Why is my liquidity position not evenly split between the two tokens?

An unbalanced deposit amount occurs when your price range is not evenly split around the market price.

It may not be possible to balance your liquidity position due to the tick spacing of a pool. This is because the size of the tick spacing is relative to the fee tier. The amounts required will depend on the tick spacing and the current price.


To deposit at roughly 50/50 values, a user has to find two ticks that are equal spacing on both sides of the current price.


Here is an example of tick spacing impacting a liquidity position: If the current price of an asset is 1,879, an evenly split deposit with a +/- 1% range would need prices at 1,859.8 and 1,898.7.

The deposit amounts will only be evenly split if they are evenly spaced ticks.


Due to tick spacing, there may not be ticks at exactly 1,860 and 1,898, which produces an even deposit value. Learn more about why the price input automatically rounds here: Why does the price input automatically round?


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