How do I make sure my transaction succeeds?

There are several ways to increase your chances of a successful transaction on Uniswap.

Transaction deadline:

The Uniswap interface sets a transaction deadline of 30 minutes to prevent users from swapping after significant price movement. Your transaction may reach the 30 minute deadline if your network fee limit is set too low.


You can extend the transaction deadline beyond 30 minutes through the Uniswap interface advanced settings. However, please note that this may lead to your trade executing at a subpar exchange rate as the market price may change during that time. 


Additionally, you can adjust your network fee settings to a higher price.


Slippage Limits:

The Uniswap interface sets a default slippage limit of 0.5%. This slippage limit is the different between your expected output and the real output at the time of your swap. If the real output changes by more than your set slippage, the transaction will fail.


At your own risk, you can adjust the slippage limits in ‘Transaction settings.’


Insufficient Funds:

If you do not have enough of your network’s native token to cover the network fees, you will not be able to execute a transaction. Each transaction requires this network fee to execute a transaction.


You can purchase more of your networks native token, adjust your swap amount, or wait for network fees to drop.


Token not supported by Uniswap:

Deflationary tokens are not supported by the Uniswap v3 router. If you are trying to execute a transaction with any of these tokens, the transaction will automatically fail. Here is a list of deflationary tokens that are not supported.


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