Connecting Uniswap Extension Beta to other dapps

You can connect to other crypto dapps using the Uniswap Extension Beta.


If you’re not able to connect to a dapp, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Refresh the dapp webpage

    • This may be necessary if this is your first time accessing the Uniswap Extension Beta.

  2. Select the Metamask extension

    • If you already have the Metamask extension installed in your browser. You may be able to connect to other sites with the Uniswap Extension Beta by selecting Metamask on these third party sites.

      • For example, if you are trying to access OpenSea and select Metamask under the login, and have the Uniswap Extension open in the sidebar, you will see an option to approve the connection.

        This is temporary, but a workaround when trying to connect to sites outside of the Uniswap web app.

  3. Uninstall other browser wallets

    • Other browser extension wallets can interfere with connecting to other site with the Uniswap Extension Beta.

  4. The dapp may be unsupported

    • If a dapp does not support EIP 6963, it will not be supported by the Uniswap Extension Beta.


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