How to create a Limit Order

You can create limit orders using the Uniswap web app.


A limit order will remain open until it can be filled at the agreed price unless it is canceled by you, you have insufficient funds to complete the order, or the order expires.


How to create a limit order:

  1. Open Uniswap web app and connect your wallet. Then select “Limit”.

  2. Select the token drop-down.

  3. Search for and select the token you wish to swap and pay. You can browse the token list or search for a token by name or contract address.

  4. Next, select the token you want to swap and receive. Select the token drop-down.

  5. Search for and select the token you wish to swap and receive. You can browse the token list or search for a token by name or contract address.

  6. Enter the amount you wish to pay or receive manually or select the “Max” option.

    The “Max” option automatically inputs the total amount of the token you have available in your wallet for swapping.

  7. Enter the execution price for your limit order. This is the price when your limit order will execute.

    Note: The quick options (1%, 5%, or 10%) are there to help you choose a price that is a percentage better than the current market price of the token. For example, selecting 10% means the swap will only execute when the price is 10% better than the current market price.

  8. Select the expiry of the swap. This is the time frame that the order will remain active.

  9. Select “Submit order”.

  10. Review the limit order details and then select “Approve and swap”.

    This will require a network cost. If this is your first time swapping the token with the Uniswap protocol, then you’ll need to approve the token in order to trade it.

    For more information on token approvals see our article “What is a token approval”?

  11. In your wallet, place the limit order by signing the message.

    This transaction will not require a network cost. This message is a Permit2 signature. To learn more about this see our post " Permit2 and the Universal Router”.

  12. Once the limit order is opened, it is submitted to an open network of third party fillers.


You have now successfully placed a limit order! You will be notified when the order is filled. To learn how to view all of your limit orders here: “How to view my Limit Orders”.




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