Get started with the Uniswap Extension Beta

We are excited to begin rolling out the Uniswap Extension Beta to users on the waitlist. Users will be granted access to the Uniswap Extension on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you want to be an early user of the Uniswap Extension Beta and enjoy special access, claim your uni.eth username! Learn how to do this here: How to claim a uni.eth username

If you already claimed a Uniswap username, you are on the waitlist! We will be sharing access to the Uniswap Extension Beta in the order of username claims.

This means the earlier you claim your uni.eth username, the sooner you can have access to the Extension. The Uniswap mobile app will send you a push notification when you are off the waitlist.

If you are received a push notification about early access to the Uniswap Extension Beta, follow the instructions here to get started: How to download the Uniswap Extension Beta

Please note: The Uniswap Extension is still in beta, so please consider the software still "in development."


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