Can I use my username in other wallets?

Usernames are compatible with any dapp or wallet app which supports ENS (Ethereum Name Service).


Here is an example of a Uniswap Wallet username:



Most wallet apps like MetaMask and Coinbase can find your Uniswap Wallet address through your Uniswap Wallet username.


However, when using your username in any other dapp or wallet, be sure to use your full username that includes “.uni.eth”.


For example: If your friend would like to send you 10 USDC from their Coinbase Wallet, they will have to use your full Uniswap username “hskam.uni.eth”


If they try searching for your wallet only using “hskam”, “hskam.uni”, or “hskam.eth” then they may send funds to the wrong address.


Uniswap Labs is unable to reverse or change any transactions on the blockchain.


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