How many usernames can I claim?

In your Uniswap Wallet, a maximum of five individual addresses can claim a username in the Uniswap Wallet.


Limiting the number of usernames any single wallet can claim ensures fair distribution and access to usernames for the Uniswap community.


You can delete or change your Uniswap Wallet username a maximum of two times. To learn more about this limit see our article: “How to change or delete a username”.


Here is an example of a wallet with the maximum of 5 usernames:


For example, if your Uniswap Wallet app manages the following addresses:

  1. Wallet 1: 0x12…890
  2. Wallet 2: 0x25…5D1
  3. Wallet 3: 0x81…61C
  4. Wallet 4: 0x09…55F
  5. Wallet 5: 0x22…90D
  6. Wallet 6: 0x12…87R

Only a maximum of five addresses can claim a Uniswap Wallet username. See the example below:

  1. Wallet 1: 0x12…890 - Claimed a username
  2. Wallet 2: 0x25…5D1 - Claimed a username
  3. Wallet 3: 0x81…61C - Claimed a username
  4. Wallet 4: 0x09…55F - Claimed a username
  5. Wallet 5: 0x22…90D - Claimed a username
  6. Wallet 6: 0x12…87R - Not eligible to claim a username because the maximum of 5 has been reached.


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