How to claim a uni.eth username

Your uni.eth username is the username for your Uniswap Wallet.


Usernames turn complex 0x addresses into readable names for your wallet. When you claim a username in the Uniswap Wallet, you can easily send and receive crypto and build out a public web3 profile.


A maximum of five individual addresses can claim a username in the Uniswap Wallet. To learn more about this limit see our article: “How to change or delete a username”.


How to claim a username in the Uniswap Wallet:

  1. Open your Uniswap Wallet and select “Claim now” under the username banner on the home screen.

    If you do not see the username banner then select the settings icon to claim your username through the wallet settings.

  2. If you selected the settings icon then select the wallet that you want to claim a username with.

  3. Select “Edit label”.

  4. Select the username banner.

  5. Select “Continue”.

  6. Enter the username.

    This username will be able to receive funds across all networks supported by the Uniswap Wallet. It is works with any dapp compatible with the Ethereum Name Service.

    This means other wallet apps (i.e. MetaMask, Coinbase, etc) will be able to see Uniswap Wallet usernames.

    Note: A username must be a minimum of 5 characters. You can delete or change your Uniswap Wallet username a maximum of two times.

  7. Select “Continue”.

  8. Choose a profile photo and then select “Continue”.

  9. You have now claimed a second username!


To learn how to customize your profile see our article: “How to update your Uniswap Wallet profile”.


Note: Usernames are only available in version 1.21.1 or higher of the Uniswap Wallet.


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