How to update your Uniswap Wallet profile

Your Uniswap Wallet profile is your wallet’s homepage in the Uniswap Wallet.


Your profile includes the following:

  • Profile Picture: A visual representation of you
  • Username: Your unique identifier within the web3 ecosystem.
  • Bio: A brief description about you or your interests.
  • X Handle: Your presence on X (Twitter).


You can edit, change, or delete your profile picture, bio, and X (formerly Twitter) handle at any time.


Your username can be changed a maximum of two times. To learn more see our article "how to change or delete a username".


How to update your Uniswap Wallet profile:

  1. Open your Uniswap Wallet and select the settings icon.

  2. Select the wallet you would like to update a profile for.

  3. Select “Edit profile”.

  4. Here you can:
    1. Edit your profile picture by selecting the pencil icon.
    2. Edit your Bio by selecting the bio section.
    3. Edit your X (Twitter) handle by selecting the Twitter section.
    4. Change or delete your username by selecting the three dots icon.

  5. Congratulations, you have now successfully updated your profile!


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