Why did my limit order fail or not execute?

Limit orders only execute if a filler can match your swap exactly at your agreed upon price.


There may be an instance when your limit order reaches your agreed price but does not complete:

  1. High network costs: The timing of execution for this limit order may vary based on real-time market fluctuations and Ethereum network congestion. This means the tokens price may match your limits agreed upon price. However, the token price may still not be favorable enough for a filler to cover the network cost and fill the swap.

  2. No available filler: The order doesn't execute because there's no filler available to complete the swap at the agreed price. If no filler is available then the limit order will remain open unless canceled by you.

  3. Insufficient liquidity: There may not be enough liquidity for your token. This will prevent a filler from being able to fill the swap at the agreed upon price.

  4. Insufficient token balance: For a limit order to be executed, your wallet balance must have the amount of tokens you intend to swap. If you do not have enough tokens in your wallet, then the limit order will be closed. Orders automatically closed due to a lack of funds in the your wallet do not carry a network cost.



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