How to cancel a Limit Order

A limit order that has been placed can be cancelled using the Uniswap web app.


To cancel a limit order, you will have to pay the network cost of the cancelling transaction. This network cost is a result of the blockchain processing the cancellation.


Network costs go to the network for transaction processing and are not collected by Uniswap Labs.


A limit order may execute even after a cancellation is submitted. This can happen in two situations:

  1. The limit order executes before the limit orders cancellation is submitted.
  2. The limit order executes after the user submits the cancellation but before the cancellation is processed on-chain.


How to cancel an open limit order:

  1. Open Uniswap web app and connect your wallet. Then select the wallet icon.

  2. Select “open limits”.

  3. Select the limit order(s) you would like to cancel.

    Note: Cancelling multiple limit orders at once is more efficient and can save on network costs.

  4. Select “Cancel limit”.

  5. Select “Proceed”.

  6. In your wallet, confirm the cancellation. This transaction requires network costs.

  7. Once confirmed the cancellation will be submitted to the blockchain (pending).

  8. You will see “Cancellation Successful” and a green checkmark on screen when the transaction is successfully completed.


You have now successfully cancelled a limit order! To view your cancellation on the blockchain you can select “View on Explorer”.


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