Guidelines for forking the Uniswap Interface

Anyone can fork the Uniswap Interface. To ensure the safety of our users and prevent phishing attempts and scams, we've established a set of guidelines based on our Trademark Policy and Terms of Service. We’ve summarized these guidelines below.

When forking the interface, please make sure you:

  • Do not use Uniswap (Uniswap, Uni, or Uniswap Labs) in the names or URL of your own product/service
  • Do not display the Uniswap logo as the primary logo on the site (or more prominently than your own)
  • Do not imply sponsorship from Uniswap Labs (for example, saying “built on the Uniswap Protocol” rather than “built by the Uniswap team”)

Note: To avoid phishing attempts and scams, Uniswap Labs works with third party vendors to monitor Uniswap Interface forks. If you believe your interface has been incorrectly flagged as violating our Trademark Policy or Terms of Service, please email us at


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