My tokens price chart is missing

If your token price chart is missing it means the tokens price data is current not available in the Uniswap Wallet.


This happens when a token has low liquidity, low swap volume, liquidity was recently added to Uniswap, or the token was recently launched.


If a token price chart is missing, the Uniswap Wallet will still:

  • Display the correct amount of tokens you own.

  • Provide accurate price quotes when you enter and submit a swap.


The fastest way to find the current value of a token with a missing chart is to enter a swap.


Here is an example of an entered swap:


This quoted amount is the tokens current market rate on the Uniswap Protocol.


Note: This swap does not have to be submitted. The quote is given before the swap is submitted.


There are also other third-party websites that can help you find a token’s price:

  1. Defined
  2. DEX Screener
  3. DEXTools

*The information on these sites may not be 100% accurate. Uniswap Labs is not affiliated with DEX Screener, DEXTools, or Defined.


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