How to change the language on Uniswap

The Uniswap Wallet and Uniswap web app both offer language translation.


Uniswap Wallet

The Uniswap Wallet supports French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. The Uniswap Wallet will change languages depending on the set language of your device.

This means in order to change the language of the Uniswap Wallet you need to change the language of your iPhone or Android.


Uniswap web app

You can change the language for the Uniswap web app in the settings menu. Additionally, the Uniswap Web app supports many different languages.


To change the language on the Uniswap web app:

  1. Select the your wallet.

  2. Select the settings icon.

  3. Select “Language”.

  4. Select any option.

  5. The Web App will now be in the selected language.


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