How to add liquidity to Uniswap v2

Uniswap v2 allows you to provide liquidity across the full range for a token pair.


To add liquidity to Uniswap V2:

  1. Open the Uniswap web app and connect to the network you want to add liquidity on. Next, select the “Pools” to open the Pools page.

  2. Select “More”.

  3. Select “V2 liquidity”.

  4. Select “Create pair”.

  5. Select the token drop-down.

  6. Select the token you want to add liquidity for.

    Note: When adding liquidity, you can select any pair of ERC-20 tokens.

    Consider the Total Value Locked (TVL), trading volume, and token price when selecting tokens. The Uniswap info site provides this information for existing pools.

  7. Next, select the second token. Select the token drop-down.

  8. Select the second token you want to add liquidity for.

  9. Enter the amount of tokens you want to deposit into the liquidity pool, or select “Max” for the maximum amount of tokens.

  10. Select “Approve”, then in your wallet allow your tokens to be used for providing liquidity. This transaction has network costs.

  11. Select “Supply”.

  12. Review the liquidity position details, then select “Supply”.

  13. In your wallet, confirm the transaction. This transaction has network costs.

    Untitled (7) copy 9.png

  14. To view the pending transaction select “View on Etherscan”. Otherwise, select “Close”.

    You will receive UNI-V2 tokens. These tokens represent your ownership over the liquidity position.

    To add these tokens to your wallet, select “Add UNI-V2”.

  15. A confirmation notification will appear once the transaction is complete.

  16. Once completed, you can view and manage your liquidity position from the V2 Pool page.


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