How to delist an NFT

To delist an NFT, you will need to go to the marketplace where the NFT is listed.


Using our NFT Marketplace, you can list your NFT for sale across multiple websites. However, after an NFT is listed for sale it can only be delisted on the marketplace where the NFT is listed.


The Uniswap NFT marketplace is an NFT aggregator*.* An NFT aggregator is a platform which allows users to buy and sell NFTs from multiple marketplaces in one place.


To find where your NFT is listed:

  1. Open Uniswap web app and connect your wallet. Next, select your wallet icon.

  2. Select “View and sell NFTs”.

  3. Select the NFT you want to delist.

  4. Scroll down to the “Activity” section.

  5. Find the listing transaction and you’ll see the logo of the marketplace you listed your NFT on.

If your NFT is listed for sale on OpenSea you have to go to the OpenSea website, connect your wallet, and delist the NFT there.


The same process needs to be completed if you listed your NFT for sale on any of the following marketplaces:

  1. X2Y2
  2. SudoSwap
  3. NFTX
  4. NFT20
  5. Larva Labs
  6. Foundation
  7. OpenSea


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