How to find a tokens fee

A token fee is the amount that a token charges when you buy, sell, or transfer it.


These fees are set and collected by the token issuer. Uniswap Labs does not receive any share of these fees.


To determine if a token has a buy or sell fee and manually adjust the slippage:

  1. Open your Uniswap Wallet and select “Search web3”.

  2. Search for and select the token you want to swap.

  3. To view the token contract address, scroll down to the bottom of the token details page.

    Untitled (52).png

  4. Long press token contract address to copy it.

  5. Go to GoPlus, this is a token contract reviewer.

  6. Select the network that your token is on.

    Untitled (53).png

  7. Paste the tokens contract address and select “Security Detect”.

  8. Scroll down on the token security page to the “Buy/Sell Tax” section. Anything above 0.00% (i.e 1%, 3%, 6%) means the token has a buy and sell fee.

    Untitled (54).png
  9. Open your Uniswap Wallet and select “Swap”.

  10. Enter your swap details and select the swap settings icon.

  11. Select the slippage field.

    Untitled (55).png
  12. Enter a number higher than the buy/sell fee of the token then select “Close”. If the buy/sell fee is 5% then try setting the slippage to 6%, 7%, 8%, and so on.

  13. Select “Review swap”.

  14. After reviewing your swap details select “Swap”.

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