What is an iCloud backup password?

When signed into your iCloud account on any Apple iPhone, you can use your iCloud recovery phrase backup to restore your Uniswap wallet.

Your iCloud recovery phrase backup will require a password before it can be used.


Thus, your iCloud backup password is essential for protecting and recovering your Uniswap Wallet.


Setting up an iCloud backup password in your Uniswap App will secure your recovery phrase backup in a file and encrypt it.


Since you are asked to set this password when creating an iCloud backup in the Uniswap app, your iCloud backup password is not the same as the password for your iCloud account.


If you forget your iCloud backup password, Uniswap Labs will not be able to help you retrieve your recovery phrase and iCloud backup password.


Please write down and securely store your iCloud back up password. Without this password you will be unable to access your recovery phrase using iCloud back up.


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