How to add Uniswap widget on iOS

You can now create widgets and add them to your home screen on iPhone. Any token in your favorites list can be made into a widget.

The widget will display the token price of any token you want to keep up with.


Here is how to add widgets to your phone:

  1. Long press the Uniswap app and select “Edit Home Screen”

  2. Select the “+” icon

  3. Search for the Uniswap app and select it

    Frame 1321320632 (3).png

  4. Select “Add Widget”

  5. The widget will then be added to your home screen

    Frame 1321320633 (2).png

How to edit the token featured in the widget:

  1. Long press the widget and select “Edit Widget”
  2. Select a token from your favorites

    Frame 1321320634 (3).png


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