How to add Uniswap widget on iOS

You can create widgets and add them to your home screen on iPhone.

Only tokens on your favorites list can be made into a widget. To learn how to add a token to your favorites list see our article, “How to favorite a token in the Uniswap Wallet”.

The widget will display the token price of any token.


Note: Widgets are not available on Android.


To add a Uniswap widget to your iPhone:

  1. Long press the Uniswap Wallet app.

  2. Select “Edit Home Screen”.

  3. Select the “+” icon.

    Untitled (15).png

  4. Search “Search Widgets”.

  5. Search for “Uniswap”.

  6. Choose either the long or short widget and select “Add Widget”.

    Untitled (16).png

  7. Congratulations, you have successfully added a Uniswap Wallet Widget.

    Untitled (17).png

To edit the token shown in your widget:

  1. Long press the widget and select “Edit Widget”

  2. Select “Edit Widget”

  3. Select the token you are currently viewing

    Untitled (18).png

  4. Select “Search”

  5. Select the token you want to view

  6. The new token you have selected will appear

    Untitled (19).png


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