How to swap on UniswapX

To swap tokens on UniswapX follow these steps:

  1. Open Uniswap web app and connect your wallet. Next, opt-into the UniswapX beta.

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  2. Select the token drop-down.

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  3. Search for and select the token you wish to swap/sell. You can browse the token list or search for a token by name or contract address.

    Note: Not all tokens are available on UniswapX, for more information on see our article “What tokens are available on UniswapX?

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  4. Now you have to select the token you want to swap for. Select the token drop-down.

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  5. Search for and select the token you wish to swap for.

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  6. Enter the amount you would like to swap, receive, or select the “Max” option.

    The “Max” option will enter the maximum number of the token you hold in your wallet.

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  7. Select “Swap”.

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  8. Review the swap details, and then select “Confirm Swap”.

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  9. In your wallet, allow the token to be used for swapping. This may require a network fee.

    If this is your first time swapping the token with the Uniswap protocol, then you’ll need to approve the token in order to trade it.

    For more information on token approvals see our article “What is a token approval”?

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  10. In your wallet, confirm the swap. This will not require a network fee. Once the swap is confirmed, the swap is submitted to an open network of third party fillers.

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  11. You will see “Swap Success!” and a green checkmark on screen when the swap is successfully filled.

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You have now successfully swapped with UniswapX! To view your swap on Etherscan, you can select “View on Explorer”.


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