Giveaway promotion scams

A tactic some scammers use is to promote fake giveaways.


They will post a giveaway promotion or message you on a social platform (i.e. Twitter, Discord, etc.) pretending to be from a legit company.


These messages or posts usually say the following:

  • You have won something.
  • A notable token project or company is hosting a giveaway or airdrop.


These scammers will send you a link and ask you to send tokens (i.e. ETH, PEPE, etc.) to an address they provide or approve a contract in your wallet. In return, they offer to double the amount you send.


If you participate in these fake giveaways and approve their contract in your wallet, you put the tokens in your wallet at risk. If you sent tokens to the address they provided, those tokens may be irretrievable.


To protect yourself from these scams, follow these steps:

  • Check the account messaging you or posting the promotion. If you cannot verify the connection with the company or team, then they are most likely a scammer.
  • Ask the company/team through a verified channel if the airdrop or giveaway is real.
  • Only accept messages from people you trust.

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