How to give feedback on the Uniswap Wallet TestFlight

There are three places you can provide feedback to the Uniswap Labs team about the Uniswap Wallet: Google Form, Discord, and directly from the Uniswap Wallet Testflight. 


Google Form

You can provide feedback by filling out our Google Form.

All feedback in this Google Form is anonymous. We will not collect your email, and sharing your your social media account is optional.



You can provide feedback directly in our Discord server in the #wallet-feedback channel. Join our Discord server here: Uniswap Discord.


Uniswap Wallet TestFlight

You can provide feedback directly in the mobile wallet.

  1. Take a screenshot of the bug you’re experiencing and click the share button at the top right.


  2. Scroll down and click “Share Beta Feedback”. Write as much detail as possible.

  3. Finally, click ‘Submit’ to share your feedback with our team.



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