How to buy NFTs on Uniswap with any token

You can buy NFTs with any ERC-20 token in your wallet using Uniswap NFTs.

Once you have all of the NFTs you would like to purchase in your bag, follow these steps to pay with any token:

  1. Select the “Pay with” drop down menu to select the ERC-20 token you would like to pay with.

    You can pay with any token you have in your wallet, as long as the amount of that token covers the full price of the NFT purchase.



  2. Next, select “Approve” to approve the token to be swapped.

    Learn more about approval transactions here: What is an Approval Transaction?

    You may see a Price Impact warning if the token you are swapping has a high price impact. You can select “Pay Anyway” if you would like to continue to use this token at your own risk.


  3. Once the approval transaction is completed, select “Pay.”

    If you do not have enough tokens to pay for the NFTs and the network fee, your NFT purchase will not go through.


  4. You will see a confirmation screen once the NFTs purchase is complete.



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