How to withdraw tokens from Arbitrum

You can withdraw assets from Arbitrum to Ethereum through the Arbitrum Bridge.


The standard withdrawal process takes at least 7 days in order to allow sufficient time for verifiers to detect fraud on the Arbitrum network. Some third-party services offer faster withdrawal for a fee.


To withdraw funds from the Arbitrum network follow these steps:

  1. Open the Arbitrum Bridge and connect your wallet.


  2. Click the arrow in the center of the page so that your Layer 2 Balance is in the top box and Layer 1 Balance is in the bottom box.


  3. Next, enter the amount of ETH you would like to withdraw from Arbitrum back to Layer 1.

    If you wish to withdraw an ERC-20 token instead, click the ERC-20 tab and then enter the L2 token contract address and amount to withdraw.

    You can find L2 token addresses on
    Arbiscan or the Arbitrum token list. When you’re ready, click the Withdraw button.


  4. Click Withdraw and read the information message.

    Your withdrawal will take seven (7) days to process. This waiting period is to allow time for fraud proofs to be submitted and maintain security of the network.

    If you need a faster withdrawal, consider third-party services such as
    Hop Protocol.

  5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  6. You should now see your transaction listed in the table when you scroll down the page.

After 7 days have passed, return to this page and click the Claim button to receive your funds on Layer 1. Note: This is an L1 transaction and will cost the usual gas fees.


Within a few minutes your transaction should be confirmed and the funds returned to your wallet on Layer 1.

For more information, see the Arbitrum Bridge Tutorial from Offchain Labs.


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