How to use MoonPay on the Uniswap web app

You can use MoonPay directly in the Uniswap web app to buy crypto. 


How to buy crypto using MoonPay:

  1. Go to the Uniswap Web app, connect your wallet, and select “Buy”.

  2. Select “USD” (or the currency you see).

  3. Select the currency you wish to buy with.

  4. Select “ETH” (or the token you see).

  5. Select the currency you would like to buy.


  6. Select the amount you would like to buy in either the token or your currency.

  7. Select “Continue".

  8. Sign in with your email address, a Google account, or an Apple account.

    Note: If this is your first time using MoonPay, then you may be asked to verify your email, phone number, and identity (includes your name, residence address, proof of identity or source of funds). Uniswap Labs does not have access to any information submitted to MoonPay.

    The verification details required will vary based on the country you are located in.

    To learn more about why MoonPay requires verification detail, visit the help center article: Why does MoonPay ask to verify my identity?

  9. Enter your payment method (debit card, credit card, or bank account).

    MoonPay allows you to use most major payment methods, depending on the region you are located. Here is a list of payment methods available by region.

  10. Check the box next to the MoonPay terms of service.

  11. Select “Pay” to complete the purchase.

Your crypto purchase will be available in your wallet to swap once the transaction is completed.


Orders typically take between a few minutes and a few days. The amount of time your order takes depends on the payment method, the number of orders, and any additional security checks completed by MoonPay.


You can track the status of your transaction from the tracking link provided in your confirmation email. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please make sure you have completed the transaction.


If your transaction failed, it may have been declined by your bank because it was a crypto purchase. Please try another payment method or contact your bank directly for help. 


MoonPay may not be supported in your region. Check if your region is not supported by MoonPay here.

Note: The United Kingdom (UK) is not supported by MoonPay


For more information and support, please reach out to MoonPay Customer Support.


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