Are Apple iCloud and Google Drive backups secure?

Keeping your recovery phrase safe is crucial, and backing it up on Apple iCloud or Google Drive is a simple and secure method.


When you save your recovery phrase on these platforms it is stored securely in a file on the cloud.


To enhance security, the file holding your recovery phrase is encrypted, and only your password will decode it. This way, even if someone accesses your iCloud or Google Drive, they can't read your recovery phrase without the password.


Remember to write down your backup password and store it in a safe place. If you forget this password, Uniswap Labs won't be able to help you retrieve it.


Note: Your Apple iCloud or Google Drive back up password is set in the Uniswap Wallet. Your back up password is not the same as the password for your Apple iCloud or Google Drive accounts for your phone. The backup password was set by you when the backup was created.


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