How to find your wallet address in the Uniswap Wallet

Each wallet in the Uniswap Wallet app has one address that can receive crypto on any supported network.


There are three places in the Uniswap Wallet to access your wallet address:

  1. Use your username: If you claimed a Uniswap Wallet username then it will work with any app that supports an ENS address. This is a useful when you want to share your wallet address in a simpler way than using your entire 0x address.

    How to see your full username:
    • Open the Uniswap Wallet.
    • Tap on your username.
    • Your wallet's username is now displayed.

      Note: When using your username in other apps make sure to use the full username, which includes “.uni.eth”. For example, hskam.uni.eth.

  2. Copy to Clipboard: This option allows you copy your wallet address and paste it as text wherever needed. It's useful for transactions where you need to input your address manually.

    How to copy your wallet address to your clipboard:
    • Open the Uniswap Wallet.
    • Tap on your wallet address.
    • You will see a notification when your wallet address will be copied to your clipboard.

  3. Display as QR Code: For a visual option your wallet address can also be displayed as a QR code. This is useful for quick scans by friends or other devices looking to find your wallet.

    How to display your wallet address as a QR code:
    • Open the Uniswap Wallet.
    • Select the receive icon.
    • This QR code gives your wallet address to any app that scans it.



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