How to pin your favorite tokens in the Uniswap Wallet

You can pin your favorite tokens directly on the explore page. This allows you quickly access your favorite tokens.

How to pin a favorite token:

  1. Select “Search” to visit the Universal Search page.

  2. Select the search bar.

  3. Search for and select the token you want to favorite.

    Untitled (22).png

  4. Select the favorite icon.

  5. The favorite icon will now be pink.

  6. Congratulations, you have favorited a token and it will appear in the search page!

    Untitled (23).png

How to remove tokens from your favorites list:

  1. Navigate to the Universal Search page and long press the token you would like to unfavorite.

  2. Select “Remove favorite”.

  3. The token is now removed from your favorites list.

    Untitled (24).png


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