How to explore in the Uniswap Wallet

The web3 search bar in the Uniswap Wallet allows you to discover and evaluate ERC-20 tokens, NFT collections, and other wallets to make informed decisions when buying or selling.


To view a token:

  1. Select the “search web3” search bar to view the tokens page.

  2. Here you can search tokens by name or token contract address.



To sort tokens:

Select the “filter” dropdown. On the Tokens page you can filter tokens by:

  • Uniswap Volume (24H)
  • Uniswap TVL (Total Value Locked)
  • Market Cap
  • Price Increase (24H)
  • Price Decrease(24H)



To view an NFT collection:

Select the “search web3“ search bar. Here you can search for NFT collections by name or the contract address from a collection.



The search will only populate results for tokens and NFTs on the Ethereum network.


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