I’m a Coinbase Wallet user, how do I import my recovery phrase to Uniswap Wallet?

You can switch from Coinbase Wallet to Uniswap Wallet in just a few minutes. This guide will walk you through the steps to import your recovery phrase from Coinbase Wallet into Uniswap Wallet.

In order to import your recovery phrase from your Coinbase Wallet you will have to find your recovery phrase, then import the recovery phrase in the Uniswap Wallet.


Before importing your recovery phrase, make sure you are in a safe and private location. No one should be able to see your recovery phrase.


You should never share your recovery phrase. If someone is able to access your recovery phrase, they can control your wallet and approve transactions.


Step 1: Find your Recovery Phrase in your Coinbase Wallet

  1. Open the Coinbase Wallet app, and select “Settings”.

  2. Select “Recovery Phrase”.

  3. Write down the 12 words in the order they appear or select “Copy to Clipboard.” If you choose to copy and paste your private key, other apps on your phone may be able to read the seed phrase on your clipboard.


Step 2: Import your recovery phrase in the Uniswap Wallet

Now that you have located your recovery phrase from your other Coinbase Wallet, you can import it in the Uniswap Wallet app.

To import your Recovery Phrase into the Uniswap Wallet:

  1. Download and open the Uniswap Wallet on Apple iOS or Android (waitlist).

  2. Select “Add an existing wallet”.

  3. Select “Import a wallet.” This will allow you to import your recovery phrase from another wallet.

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  4. Type or paste your recovery phrase, then select “Continue”.

  5. Confirm the wallet you would like to import, then select “Continue”. All wallet addresses created with the recovery phrase entered will be listed.

  6. Choose your backup method. You can choose to back up to iCloud/Google Drive or manually backup your recovery phrase (this means to write it down, we strongly recommend this method).

    If you back up your recovery phrase on iCloud/Google Drive in the Uniswap Wallet, you will create a backup password. The file with your recovery phrase is securely stored. You should write down your iCloud/Google Drive backup password as well. If you forget your password and your recovery phrase, Uniswap Labs cannot retrieve it.

    Learn more about iCloud and Google Drive backups here.

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  7. Turn on push notifications.

  8. Set up Touch/Face ID or Biometrics.

  9. Congratulations! You are ready to swap using the Uniswap Wallet.

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