My NFT was stolen

What is the Uniswap Labs stolen item policy?

The sale of unlawfully obtained property is against our Terms of Service. We are able to disable buying and selling of stolen NFTs on the Uniswap Labs’ website.

What is the purpose of this policy?

It is against U.S. federal and state laws to knowingly allow or facilitate the transfer of stolen items. This policy helps make Uniswap safe for our users, and compliant with laws.

Someone stole my assets, what happens next?

If your NFT was stolen, and you want to prevent the buying and selling of the item on Uniswap, please submit a ticket. We will review your claim, and assist you in preventing the purchase or sale of the item on our platform.

When submitting a ticket, we ask for the following information:

  1. The wallet address that owned the NFT
  2. The contract address for the stolen NFT
  3. Method of wallet hack
  4. Date your wallet compromised
  5. Additional details
  6. Police report

To prevent false claims, we require an attached police report. If we do not receive a police report, we will not take action.

If you recover your stolen NFT, and would like to use Uniswap to sell it, please submit a ticket.

We are able to prevent the purchase or sale of stolen items on our platform. Yet, your funds and NFTs exist on the blockchain. Blockchain transactions cannot be reversed or edited.

Thus, since Uniswap never has custody over your items, we are unable to assist you stolen funds or NFTs.

We cannot stop the purchase, sale, or transfer of stolen items on other marketplaces.


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