How to check your NFT refund on Etherscan

Sometimes a competing purchase is made on a high-volume NFT collection and you will not receive ownership.


If this happens your transaction will be reverted and you will receive a refund. Uniswap will automatically refund you for NFTs if your transaction reverts.


You can check your refund by reviewing the transaction on Etherscan.



  • Here is an example of a user who received a refund.

  • The last line shows our “Universal Router” smart contract sending 0.0139 ETH back to the user’s wallet. 0.0139 ETH is the price of the NFTs the user was trying to buy.


  • The network fee, which pays the miner for working on the transaction, is 0.0116 ETH.


  • On the top of the page, you’ll see a tab called ‘State’.

    The ‘State’ tab shows wallet balances before and after each transaction.

    You can see the user spent 0.031 ETH (the cost of the NFTs they received plus the
    transaction network fee). They did not spend ETH on the NFTs they didn’t receive.



Etherscan is the best way to check your refund for your transaction. We use Etherscan because the refund is an internal transfer, which is not tracked by wallets.


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