How to list your NFT for sale

You can list your NFTs for sale on multiple marketplaces using Uniswap.


To list your NFTs for sale using Uniswap follow these steps:

  1. Visit to open the NFT marketplace

  2. Select your wallet address. Then, Select “View and sell NFTs” If your wallet is connected, all of the NFTs in your wallet will be listed on screen.


  3. Select the NFTs you would like to sell.


  4. Set the details of your listing.

    This includes the duration of your listings. The maximum expiration is six months.           


    The price for each listing. There are many ways to price your listings.

    You can set different prices for each NFT, the same price for all NFTs, price each NFT based on the floor price, or price each NFT based on the previous listing.                                               


    If you’re listing on multiple marketplaces, you can set a custom price based on the marketplace for each listing.



  5. List your NFT for sale



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