How to list your NFT for sale

You can list your NFTs for sale on multiple marketplaces using Uniswap.


To list your NFT for sale:

  1. Go to the Uniswap web app and open your portfolio by selecting the wallet icon.

  2. Select “View and sell NFTs”.

  3. Find the NFT you want to list for sale and select “List for sale”.

  4. Select “Continue”.

  5. Select the Marketplace you want to list your NFT for sale on.

  6. Enter duration you want to list your NFT for.

    The duration of your listing is the amount of time your NFT is listed before being un-listed. The maximum duration is six months.

  7. Enter the price you want to list your NFT for.

  8. Select “Start listing”.

  9. In your wallet, approve the NFT for sale on Uniswap. This has a network cost.

  10. In your wallet, sign the listing.

  11. Congratulations, your NFT is now successfully listed for sale!


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