Why can’t I see my NFTs on OpenSea after I purchased them on Uniswap?

Purchasing an NFT on Uniswap means your wallet will be the owner of the NFT. Opensea displays the NFTs in your wallet. There may be a few reasons why the NFT you purchased isn’t appearing on their site.

  1. Network congestion: Heavy traffic on the blockchain may cause a delay. It may take longer for the network to confirm your transaction.

  2. Your wallet is not correctly connected to OpenSea: In this case, close your browser. Then clear your cache. Ensure you’re connecting the correct wallet when you reconnect to OpenSea.

  3. A slow interface: OpenSea’s user interface can be slow. This may cause your NFTs won’t appear on their UI when you buy NFTs on Uniswap.

Etherscan allows you to view the NFTs in your wallet. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Etherscan website

  2. In the search bar enter your wallet address


  3. Open the “Token” drop-down menu


  4. Look for the NFT you purchased



If you don’t see the tokens in your wallet, please contact our support team with the link to your transaction.


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