What are NFT collection filters?

NFT Collection Filters allow you to discover, browse, and assess NFT collections.


  • Filter NFTs by Price to view listed NFTs within a price range.

  • To filter by Price, enter the minimum and maximum price range.


  • Filter NFT collections by the traits within a collection.

For Sale

  • Filter NFTs by “Buy Now” to view all the NFTs in a collection that are for sale.

  • If you deselect “Buy Now,” you can view all NFTs in a collection.

Listed Marketplace

  • Filter NFTs by marketplace to buy listings based on which marketplace the listing is on.

  • An NFT Marketplace is a platform where NFTs are minted, traded and displayed.


How to add filters when searching for NFTs:

  1. Open Uniswap web app and connect your wallet. Next, search for an NFT collection by name or contract address.

  2. Select the “Filter” icon.

  3. On the left hand column you can filter NFTs by marketplaces, price range, and traits.


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